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As I am the one who proteks all of you from danger. Think not on what you perceive as a threat to WubbyCorp llc. because I am the one that saves you all from the real dangers in the world. You sit there in your comfortable chairs and deem me as disposable. You cannot fathom the evils I protect WubbyCorp llc. and you all from. The horrors of the deep and dark recesses of the world that none of you have the slightest inkling of perception. You keyboard warriors do no fully grasp the role I play in keeping you all safe. The nightmares that plague WubbyCorp llc. are unimaginable in their tearing, wailing, gnashing agonies, and all they want is to tear down WubbyCorp llc. and all that you stand for.
And you deign to challenge my authority and wisdom in matters you cannot comprehend. Your simple human minds would weep at the horrors I behold. You all would cringe at all the despicable, loathsome machinations that the creatures of the blackest recesses of the universe put into place.
I do this task thanklessly. Never asking for such recognition as would befit my station. You should all be so grateful at what I hold back. Yet you still demand more from me. I, who would save you all from the depravity and mindless ravenings of those who would see your complete and utter destruction.
Yet you protest at me “legal reasons”>>>>>>>
Uhh, did anyone else get this really weird message from
@WubbyCorp Real Human Lawyer?

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New Employee Handbook and HR Forms.

Attention All Staff and Contractors,


Attached are the required new hire package, including MANDATORY NDA, guides for internal job posting applications and associated dress code policies paperwork.

Please review.

[9 attachments]


New Employee Welcome Letter – PDF dropbox link

Confidentiality Agreement NDA – PDF dropbox link

Dress Code for Manufacturing and Industrial Settings – PDF dropbox link

Attendance Policy – PDF dropbox link

Discipline Warning Form – PDF dropbox link

Bereavement Leave Policy – PDF dropbox link

Employee Self-Evaluation for Review – PDF dropbox link

Internal Employment Application – PDF dropbox link

New Job Candidate Evaluation Form – PDF dropbox link


-WubbyCorp HR

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Company Softball League sign-up sheets now available

Hey guys!

I just wanted to remind everyone that there are still plenty of slots open for the WubbyCorp non-official Softball team. In fact, I’m the only one who has signed up…

If you want to sign up I have the sign-up sheet, and I work on the second floor cubicle C-33. I’m always there and I usually eat lunch at my desk. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you’ll join me in some team-building exercise!


P.S. whoever keeps signing up as “U. R. Gay”, please stop. I’m running out of paper to print off this form.


Welcome to WubbyCorp! Please submit your application through here or contact our Hiring Manager for an official position at WubbyCorp! The head Secretary is also willing to accept applications and they will be passed on.

Thank you for choosing WubbyCorp.

Meditation Room Usage

Please note;

The meditation room is not to be used after hours, due to reports from the cleaning department of “misuse” after finding some discarded items of a sexual nature.

This is not a brothel, please leave such items at home.

If you take any issue with this, please stop by my office for a chat.

Thank you.

-WubbyCorp HR



Stocks Higher Than Ever

Stocks for WubbyCorp (WBY) has risen to the point of crashing the market. NYC is in a state of anarchy directly due to our success, and I would like to thank you all for participating in the said success. Have a good night everybody.