PMW Game – Christmas Update!

There’s a (hopefully around) Christmas update coming for the PayMoneyWubby video game!
It’s a multiplayer version of the game. 19 of you can drop into the game as enemies! One of you will drop in as the main boss, being someone just playing the Wubby character but fighting whoever is playing as the main character (hopefully our mans the Royal Wubberton himself). Hopefully it will be out on time and you all will enjoy it!
(if the image doesn’t upload, look at it here:
, if anyone is generous enough to donate, here’s the link. I take a little bit less hours at work to work on this, so the donations help me pay for food and all that. Thank you Robo and Gamatron for your donations <3<3

Rejected Voicemails

Hey everyone! First unofficial post here. As we’ve been going through the voicemails we have obviously gotten some that were not fit for the stream. Be they against TOS or they have other issues, I figured I’d make them available to listen to if you guys are curious. So check out the new folder located here where you can browse through the voicemails that we could publicly release. Have fun!

(PS. Check out rejected voicemail #2.)