Media share night guidelines

Hey everyone, tt here. I wanted to clarify about what kinds of videos are allowed during media sharing nights. Keep in mind that the following no-nos are not all inherintly against Twitch’s rules, but during nights like these we like to keep it safe. If you don’t see your video played during the length of the stream, contact WubbyMail#4773 on the Discord server ( with the link to the video, the amount you donated, and the timestamp that you wanted it to start at. Admins will confirm if your video was denied or not. Also, all declined/played videos get logged to #media-share-feed in our Discord Server. Here are the no-nos:

  • Exposed nipples or butts (both male and female)
  • Abuse or slaughter of animals (Some exclusions exist like crab memes, but we might deny it anyway.)
  • Racist terms and phrases. This includes things like nazi jokes. (Specifically banned words: nibba, nigga, nigger, kike)
  • Sexual acts and depictions (like masturbation, intercourse, oral)
  • Depictions or video of death, suicide, or self harm.
  • Terrorism related content, even if comedic.
  • Spoilers (we see you, GOT trolls)
We reserve the right to update or change this list at any time and we may also deny your video from playing for any reason no specified here.

Linking your Twitch account to Discord

In order to get the Twitch Subscriber role in our Discord server, you are required to link your Twitch account to your Discord account. This guide is designed to be a walkthrough for this process. When done, you might have to wait up to an hour before your subscriber role appears. If it doesn’t appear within an hour, please contact WubbyMail in the Discord server.

Start by going to your user settings by clicking the cog in the bottom left corner of your Discord app: 

Then go to the connections tab on the left-hand side:

Then click the Twitch icon at the top of the page:

You will be directed to a new browser tab where Discord will attempt to connect to your currently signed-in Twitch account:

It should do its thing then give you this message:

That’s it! Your Twitch account should now be linked to your Discord account. Within about an hour you should have the role, and therefore access to all the goodies in our paid channels!