Interview with the Angelic Initiative has been posted.

As you may have heard or seen, Angelic Initiative has already posted some of the footage from Wubby’s visit. Be prepared though because a video from his perspective with even more footage will still be going up this Sunday, and it will shed a whole new light on the happenings of that interview. Feel free to comment/discuss below. We’ll be reading your comments here and on Reddit.

Their video:



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8 thoughts to “Interview with the Angelic Initiative has been posted.”

  1. I’m curious as to whether or not it was upload dates of any of this footage was ever discussed between Wubby Team and Angelic Initiative? Had Wubby planned on getting his video out before them? It appears to me that the Angelic Initiative video release is detrimental to Wubby in that it diminishes the initial appeal of the two having met in the first place. In other words did Lynn just make the meetup old news to the internet?

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