Frequently Asked Questions (And generally helpful information)

  • How do I send something to Wubby? Send your mail to: PO Box 1225, 8064 Allison Ave, La Mesa, CA 91942
  • When does Wubby stream? Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 5:30PM PST
  • Whats the voicemail number? The voicemail number is +1 (216) 438-0490 and you can call or text it.
  • My friend was banned. How can they get unbanned? We have an appeal system for banned users. Have them go to to appeal their ban.
  • How can I get Wubby’s Snapchat? If you are a Tier 2 Twitch Subscriber or $10 Patron, DM WubbyMail#4773 in the Discord server.
  • How can I subscribe to the Twitch channel? Go here.
  • How do I get into the paid channels on the Discord server? By linking your (subscribed) Twitch account to your Discord account! Go here to learn how.